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Universal provides unique energy solutions through a powerful blend of conventional experience, and cutting-edge technology. Our hands-on approach to strategic energy management provides responsible energy solutions that will deliver your organization powerful savings.

UEC Energy Solutions

Universal Environmental Consulting strategically obtains and manages electricity and natural gas for property owners, operators, and managers across the United States.

We provide expert advice on how to buy, use, and manage energy solutions. Our executive team leverages decades of experience to deliver you industry-leading quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

UEC energy solutions

Negotiating Power

Our rates are the most competitive around, because UEC purchases energy in bulk. Our thorough vendor vetting process makes it possible for us to give you the best price, terms, and conditions available for energy solutions.

Budget Management

Budget Management

Universal is your partner in budget management. We continuously monitor market conditions and opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

  • Identify savings opportunities
  • Energy sourcing
  • Contract negotiation
  • Energy procurement

Account Monitoring

Our account monitoring services removes the guesswork from energy procurement. We provide you with accurate information about what you are spending and where you are spending it.

  • Manage accounts on an individual or portfolio basis
  • Ensure performance, accuracy, and supplier services
  • Develop executive client strategies
account monitoring for energy solutions
energy solutions personalized reporting

Personalized Reporting

We analyze energy data in real time. Universal’s tracking services gives you the ability to understand complex usage patterns at multiple locations.

  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Analyze energy trends
  • Quickly generate reports
  • Identify project changes in energy usage
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Provide market intelligence


Universal Environmental Consulting is an open book. We strive for total transparency in all of our energy programs. Our online auctions capture, catalog, and time stamp all bidding activity, providing a documented audit trail.


UEC works to ensure you are in compliance with local, state and federal standards, including:

  • LEED certifications
  • Emissions reporting standards
  • Sustainability initiatives
energy solutions compliance

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